My deepest thanks to the below people who helped and assisted me to created this website.


THE Xena and Lucy site : maintained by Mary D. The only complete Xena/Lucy website on the internet and linked to Talking Xena forum. Thanks Mary for the use of some nice Lucy pictures.

My deepest gratitude to :

- Sally Nabil , my egyptian fellow xena fan and friend, for teaching me online (in a fast course) how to make nice banners.

- Tracy Casebere , my online DW teacher. She teached me the basics how codes do work when using a css-guided-layout.
  Take a look at her site: Legend of the Seeker

  - Trill of the Quill and WarriorBabe61 of the Xena forums for their animated gifs

Conventions and concert pictures are my own taken pictures

Lucy Lawless info and concert/conventions info obtained by myself during the conventions in 2008