We decided to get married on 24/2/27. And as Karin and I got together thanks to the Xena Warrior Princess show we took that as the red line through it all. Invitation cards, wedding outfits, weddingrings, dinner table settings, opening dance and honeymoon was all in the sense of this beloved tv-show. And to make things all a bit more exciting all invitées needed to be dressed or wear something orange or red or a combination. As we were both in white we were convinced that this would give a thrill and kicking moment. But when the evening party started we never could have expected that result. It was overwelming.

The wedding rings
We wanted rings with the design of the shakram and one marvelous gold artist did a perfect job. We have now unique rings. Unfortunately I forgot his name. So sorry.

Xena Wedding rings
These are unique rings and therefore copyrighted by the artist. Any kinds of copy will be legally penalised. Please contact us for all info.

The wedding outfits.(by Dany Piron)
Karin and I have ofcourse different tasts. Karin is a Roc-fan so she went for the Japanese outfit that Renée O'Connor wore in the episode Back in the Bottle. I'm a LL-fan and I choose for the Xena wedding outfit which Lucy wore in the episode Soulpossession. Ofcourse as our wedding took place in february I had to find a solution for the lower part of the dress. I would have love to keep it as the original but in February it is to cold and I couldn't take the risk. A haute-couture designer Dany Piron was top of the bill.She is an international fashion designer. Based on screenshots we gave her she made first some designs which already told us a lot about the result. Later on the creation took more and more form. At the end it were body fit outfits as we wanted them. You know that Dany Piron even started watching the show to get an idea and to put the feeling into the creation.

Karin Xena outfit Renée O'Connor   Martine Xena outfit Lucy Lawless

The Faire-part and invitation cards.
We took a photo shoot and choose a picture for the maincard. For the reception and the evening party we needed 2 separate little cards that could join the mastercard. It all had to remain Xena based. We had a marvelous help of an italian designer Elisabetta Bruno. She was our italian guardian angel and gave reality to our ideas. Thanks a lot Elisabetta. You don't know how much you helped us. Your help and friendship will last for ever. Bless you!
Take notice of the background of the picture. If you go to the photo albums you will see it more clearer as the picture will be enlarged then.


Honeymoon : Ofcourse ! New Zealand! What could be better then going to New Zealand where the show was filmed. It was a perfect idea. That perfect that we still are returning every 2 year and even are thinking to settle down there. All about the honeymoon and New Zealand can be found on our other website www.loyaltoxena.com.

A special thanks to MaryD : for providing me the pictures I needed to brighten up our wedding.

Special location for all the festivities : We reserved a special location to celebrate this special day at San Marco Village. Sound Good ain't?! And it was. A brand new hall with a lot of smaller halls at the inside. A very beautiful entrace. Just like a old Greek tempel! Hey, yep, we do stay in Xena style. San Marco Village has all then technology and a Top Kitchen. We had acces to the big hall in the middle of San Marco Village, so you could imagine as if we were sailing on the venician canals. San Marco Village was brand new. We confirmed all our arrangement when they started building it. So we had time to arrange everything for our wedding and they had time to erase a magnificient hall. It was a perfect combination and we surely can recommend San Marco Village for whatever event or party you want to do. They have it all!

Opening dance : Thanks to Martine and Guy Jottay from Dancepoint to help us making and performing something special as opening dance

And a fellow Xena fan was so nice to send us the below card. It touched us deeply. Many thanks.

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