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I Was Made For   Loving You
▪ When Doves Cry
▪ G.L.O.R.I.A |
▪ Losing My    Religion
▪ Broken English
▪ Shut Your Mouth
▪ Like the Way I Do
▪ Superstar
Total Eclipse of    the Heart
I Touch Myself
▪ Are You Gonna   Be My Girl
▪ We Belong

Opening compil.
Rocking Lucy
Sexy Lucy


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Lucy Lawless London concert 4th May 2008

Photo Album Lucy Lawless Concert Roxy 2008





Lucy Lawless London 2008London 2008 - Lucy Lawless in Concert



4th May 2008

My second concert of Lucy Lawless to attend to. From the pictures I saw of the night before it surely would be a hot concert. This Lucy Lawless London Concert 2008concert was an opportunity we couldn' skip. Living in Belgium, the journey only took 45 minutes. And less expensive as going to Burbank, California. Well, you only live once so 2008 was the full Xena-Lucy experience.

From Burbank we knew that Lucy always does something special on the second night concert. So this time we went for the second one. And Oh Boy! What a perfect choice we made!

Lucy Lawless London 2008 concertPlacement/organisation of VIP and standingroom was still the same chaos as in Burbank. Although the standingroom place, according the London norms, would be behind the seats, well it occured that the standplace were around the Vip seat. Meaning, that some people stood right to the stage at the same level as the VIP seat, first row. The only thing was, they became deaf as they were standing next to the gigantic soundblasters. The Carlington Academy is quite a big nightclub inside, so it was to bad that they did put the seats to tight together (you hardly could sit down), that it gave the impression of just a very small group. They could have spread out the seats and made it a much bigger place so we all had more space to sit down.

This time there were no curtains. 8h Com'on girl! We are waiting fo you!

The band started and on the tones of 'I was made for loving you" Lucy came onto the stage. Here she was our beloved and talented Lucy Lawless. Dressed in only chaps and a kind of black sweater over it, she started of. We went on the rocking tour. I have to mention that by saying "only chaps" it where only chaps. No jeans under neath it. Got it!?

Dum dum dum, warming up was done and off went the sweater! And ...........whowhoooooooo.... no singlet at all, nope ........ Lucy Lawless London Concert 2008Welcome to Europe Lucy ............. she wore a very sexy black negilgé. Lucy is perfect in the art when it come to present herself sexy. You get to see a sexy dressed lady, but still sexy covered. True art. Sexy outfit, but still respectfully covered. You get teased!

It is obvious that a lot is more possible and accepted in Europe. Normal if you already went to Paris' Lido and Moulin Rouge.
Lucy Lawless London 2008 concert
She rocked and rocked! I was waiting for the beautiful song Hallelujah! And the moment she got to the first tones I took my camera. As there was no official recording of Creations and no DVD was made, what a luck I filmed this. If you go my youtube you see the number of hits it already has.

A few blackouts in some songs such as the Total eclips of the Heart got very good covered but we, who love that song, noticed that right away. Fun to see how she pulls through it with revealing nothing on her face.

No break, Lucy went on and on. The encore was inserted in the performance. Making gesture to leave the stage but coming back immediately and starting the encore. I got the impression she wanted to end the concert asap. Afterwards we found out that she was really sick, so it was understandable. But being sick and then performing like that ................ big respect. Any other celebrity would have cancelled it. She came for her fans and she went to the very end.

It was a very sexy; hot concert that rocked.

29/12/2008 Martine De Grauw